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Identify my visitors


Per game
Free access
  • 19 apps available

    Twitter and Instagram included

  • Facebook, web and mobile
  • Customized appearance
  • Data export
  • Suggested "Like" on Facebook
  • Newsletter opt-in


Enrich my leads database


Per game
Free access
  • 22 apps available

    Photo contest included

  • Facebook, web and mobile
  • Customized appearance
  • Data export
  • Suggested "Like" on Facebook
  • Customizable entry form
  • Facebook profile data
  • White label


Turn my visitors into customers


Per game
Free access
  • 32 apps available

    Multiple social networks

  • Facebook, web and mobile
  • Editable CSS
  • Data export
  • Suggested "Like" on multiple channels
  • Customizable entry form
  • Facebook profile data
  • White label
  • Advanced stats
  • Multiple entries
  • Opt-in social networks
  • CRM adapter
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Conversion tracking
  • Multilingual

unlimited plans

Improve my customer knowledge

On Demand
Annual billing
Let's talk
  • All the Enterprise features
  • Unlimited promotions
  • Unlimited facebook fan pages
  • Unlimited duration
  • Advantage options:
  • Design option
  • Add-a-brick option
  • Personalized follow-up service
  • Kontest + Fastory offer

Boost your impact

Duration option

$9 /day after 10 days

Design option

Add-a-brick option

Single sign-on and CRM integration, etc.

Combined Package Kontest + Fastory

Create immersive and impactful stories for Instagram & Snapchat

Learn more about Fastory

Detailed list of features

$149 for one game
$299 for one game
$499 for one game
  • Skill Game
  • Reflex Game
  • Puzzle
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Mystery Word
  • The Price is Right
  • Pinterest contest
  • Instagram contest
  • Voting Contest
  • Knowledge test
  • Personality test
  • Sweepstake
  • Poll
  • Quiz
  • Photo Quiz
  • Video Quiz
  • Instant Win
  • Battle
  • Questions & Answers
  • Pronostic
  • Selfie
  • Photo contest
  • Sweepstake Calendar
  • Instant Win Calendar
  • Quiz Calendar
  • Scratchcard
Multiple social networks
  • Twitter sweepstake
  • Guess the Song
  • Twitter instant win
  • Twitter quiz
  • Tweets battle
  • Blindtest Calendar
  • Custom design themes
  • White label
  • Editable CSS
  • Kontest logo
  • Game duration with annual billing
  • Game duration with per-game billing
  • Extra days rate with per-game billing
  • Customize default text content
  • Add media content to questions
  • Add prizes
  • Add media content to prizes
  • Organizer and partner opt-ins
  • Custom social sharing message
  • Custom game URL
  • Custom opt-in message
  • Multilingual
  • Multiple entries
  • unlimited
  • 10 days
  • $9
  • unlimited
  • 10 days
  • $9
  • unlimited
  • 10 days
  • $9
Social networks
  • Social footer
  • Suggested "Like" on Facebook (social banner)
  • Suggested "Like" on mobile (social banner)
  • Social opt-in
  • Default entry form
  • Facebook log in and autofill
  • Customizable entry form
  • Add questions to entry form
  • Co-registration
  • Geoblocking by country
  • Unlimited fans and entrants
  • Share with Facebook, Twitter and email
  • Secure hosting
  • Dedicated website
  • Mobile compatible (QR code provided)
  • Tablet compatible
  • Website embeddable (iframe provided)
  • Facebook tab
  • Facebook Mobile (intelligent link)
  • Widget on website (responsive iframe)
  • Overlay on website (abandonment detection)
  • Google Recaptcha protection
  • Spam-blocker (Kontest Guard)
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Multi-account management
  • Kontest dashboard
  • Automatic winner selection
  • Payment upon invoicing: wire transfer / check / SEPA
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Data cleanliness
  • Data capture and access
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Hootsuite Pro compatible
  • Data qualification
  • Data segmentation
  • Complete database export
  • Export of partner data
  • Detailed stats (data visualization)
  • Tracking scripts for visits and entries
  • Conversion tracking scripts on website
  • Third-party API integration (Zapier)
  • Co-ownership
  • Exclusive
  • Exclusive
  • Help center
  • Case studies
  • Blog
  • Dedicated contact
  • Support
  • email
  • email and chat
  • Optional
  • email, chat and telephone

All prices are before tax


What do I get with the free plan?

You can create, edit and preview contests with all Kontest plans. You don't pay anything until you publish your game.

What if I want to run a long-term game?

With annual billing, your game can last for up to 365 days! With pay per game, you have the option to extend your game for $9 per day.

Why is it best to run several games per year?

According to a recent study, 48% of consumers like to receive special offers from brands regularly. Games are powerful levers for building and maintaining a relationship across the conversion funnel. Include activities during peak periods of the year in your strategy for better results.

Source : L’Argus de la Presse

What does "white label" mean?

With “grey label,” you'll see “Powered by Kontest” on your game. With “white label,” Kontest does not appear at all, and your game application has only your branding.

When and how do I pay?

You don't need to pay until you're ready to publish your promotion. You can pay easily online with your company credit card .

What if I don't have access to my company credit card?

We offer several payment options (bank transfer, SEPA direct debit). Let's talk for more information.

Will the price of my game differ based on the number of fans or entrants?

Not at all. You are in control of your costs from start to finish. You can upgrade to a more advanced plan when you're ready. There's practically no limit to what you can do!

More bang for your buck with an annual subscription

Personalized training

We look closely at your needs and provide any support you need to get the most out of the platform.

Priority tech support

Direct access and priority assistance from our team.

Regular follow-up

Key statistics and the history of your performance are sent to you quarterly.