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In just a few years, BlaBlaCar has become the European leader in ride-sharing. The service is now operating in 19 countries, and its worldwide growth continues at a healthy pace.

When you're talking international expansion, you're talking global marketing campaigns. And that's the job of Alice Chasseriaud, Head of Global Communication at BlaBlaCar.

That's why Alice went looking for a tool that community managers in different countries could use to combine their marketing efforts.

Key issues

Animating and engaging the BlaBlaCar communities across the globe by means of a recurring game during the holidays.


27 000

new qualified fans

42 000

Superpowers used
The clues displayed with every question drove significant traffic to the BlaBlaCar site.
The multi-account access feature made it easier for the different marketing teams all over the world to work together.
By choosing a recurring game with daily participation, BlaBlaCar was able to maintain engagement for the duration of the campaign.
We're looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Kontest and lots of promotions all over the world.
Alice Chasseriaud, Head of Global Communication, BlaBlaCar

Alice chose the Enterprise plan

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