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Nothing if not games

It's always a challenge to convey a culture with words and images alone. But we hope this page will give you an idea of the vibrant atmosphere of our open space!

We've gathered like-minded people around us. To build our Dream Team, we look very closely at the people we hire.
(No, really).

We like to innovate, brainstorm, sell, design, code, eat and play together. Looking for a challenge? Then join us!

Active in the community

Organizing major events

HTML5 Meetup with Bemyapp

  • Monthly meeting around innovations and coding in HTML5
  • Prestigious speakers: Google, Adobe, Mozilla, W3C etc.
  • 1700+ members, 200 participants every month

Social Drink Up with Adobe

  • Insights and exchanges about digital marketing
  • Marketing pros and decision-makers meet to discuss key topics
  • Quarterly at the Maison du Danemark, Champs Elysées

Regular events

Recent conferences

Blend Devoxx Human Talks Erepday Girlz in web

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An overview of what to expect

Modern work methods

Transparent and flexible.
Watch the presentation

Coffee and snacks on the house

And beer on Friday to celebrate the weekend! (in moderation)

Risk of sudden Nerf wars

Watch your back! Free Nerf gun provided upon hire.

"Work/life balance"

Normal schedule, for your happiness and wellbeing.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Use your own computer if you want.

Decent pay

Based on education and experience

And lots more: A 125 m2 hangar turned loft in Montreuil (Line 1 / RER A) - 40 m2 breakroom on a mezzanine level, with a sofa and Fatboy - Raclette in the winter, ice cream in the spring, field trips in the summer: Paintball (2012), Parc Asterix amusement park (2013) - Lunch Meetup every month: a Startup gives a presentation on its activity - Workshop quarterly, on collaborative projects - Pizza hackathons with alumni and friends.

Open positions

We do not currently have any open positions in your language.

Our manifesto

  1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

    Simplifying our clients' lives on a daily basis, while building the tools of the future.

  2. Constraints drive creativity

    The team is constantly coming up with ideas. Devise innovative solutions without reinventing the wheel.

  3. The world won't wait

    Recognize opportunities and seize them. Forge ahead, take risks and drive change.

  4. Done is better than perfect.

    Focus on what's essential, deliver regularly, and improve afterwards.

  5. You have to feel good at work

    We spend a lot of time together, and we want everyone to enjoy it. Create a pleasant workspace so we can work in the best possible conditions.

  1. No bullshit

    Stay humble, don't oversell Say no to the client when you have to. Above all, build an effective product.

  2. Measure impact so you can improve

    Manage by the data, learn from your mistakes and reward efficiency.

  3. Communication is key

    Working with passionate people who love what they do, encouraging exchange. Supporting each other, learning from each other. Celebrating victories great and small.

  4. Think globally, act locally

    Travel and soak up new cultures. Spread our values beyond borders. Have a better product than the local competition.

  5. This is only the start

    We've barely budged the needle. There are still lots of challenges ahead. Our ambition knows no bounds.